North Down Badminton League

Fixtures 2018/2019


Under 17 Mixed Division 1                      Under 17 Mixed Division 2

A – GREENWELL STREET A                         A – HOLY TRINITY B

B – ST BEARNADETTES                               B – GREENWELL STREET B

C – HOLY TRINITY A                                     C – 2ND SAINTFIELD

D – ST PATS BALLINAHINCH                       D – DUNDONALD

Under 15 Doubles Division 1                   Under 15 Doubles Division 2

A – GREENWELL STREET A                    A – GILNAHIRK

B – GILNAHIRK A                                      B – ST PATS BALLINAHINCH

C – HOLY TRINITY                                    C - DUNDONALD

D – ST BEARNADETTES                          D – GREENWELL STREET

20TH  OCT      A v B  &  C v D       

17TH  NOV     B v C  &  D v A

8TH DEC         A v C  &  B v D        


12TH JAN     B v A  &  D v C

16TH FEB     C v B  &  A v D        

16TH  MAR     C v A  &  D v B


The League has agreed with Strathearn School rules for the use of the sports hall as follows: -

1. Only shoes for Badminton are worn in the Sports Hall

a) No outdoor shoes will be allowed in the Sports Hall

b) Any person, player or official, who has not changed shoes in the foyer, will not be permitted to enter the playing area, even if the shoes are acceptable

c) Soles of badminton shoes must be non-marking

d) No black soles will be permitted

2. No refreshments, food or drink may be taken into the Sports Hall

3. No access is permitted to the Social Area, Changing Rooms, P.E. Office or School Telephone

4. The only areas to be used are: a) THE BADMINTON COURTS b) TOILET FACILITIES

5. Any damage must be reported to the Committee Members of the North Down League in attendance on the day

6. Play will be from 2PM(SHARP)to 5PM on the dates allocated, commencing on 20th October 2018 (Please be at hall for 1.45pm)

7. Matches MUST be completed by 5pm. Any unfinished matches will be dealt with at the next Committee Meeting of the League

8. Access to the Sports Hall will be via the back gate (Sydenham Avenue – entrance opposite Norwood Park). Cars should use the rear car park

9. The Home Team shall provide Shuttles and Score Sheet for the Match

10. Please note smoking is not permitted within the Sports Hall or the School Grounds.

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