North Down Badminton League


(Revised 26th April 2016. Rule 18(f) Amended)

  1. The League shall be called the North Down Badminton League.

  1. The League shall be under the jurisdiction of the Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland. All clubs must be affiliated to the U.B.B.U.I. and conform to all relevant regulations.

  1. a. Entries to the League Competitions shall be made to the Hon. Match Secretary.

b. All clubs entering the League competitions shall automatically be entered for the Knock-out Competitions.

c. All entries shall be accompanied by a registered list of players in order of merit (see rule 18)

  1. a. The entrance fee shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

b. The entrance fee, together will the U.B.B.U.I club affiliation fee shall accompany the league entry form.

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held not later than 31st May in each year to conduct the General Business and elect officers of the League.

  1. At the AGM the following shall be elected :-

The President and Vice Presidents

Chairman and Vice Chairman

Hon Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Hon Match Secretary

Juvenile Match Secretary

Eight Committee Members (14)

(The President, Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer are Ex officio members of all committees)

  1. The A.G.M. is an open meeting and each member of the outgoing Executive Committee and each competing club shall be entitled to one vote (see rule 12)

  1. A quorum at the A.G.M shall consist of 15 voting members

  1. No Person who is absent from the A.G.M. may be elected to office unless written consent to act has been received by the Hon Secretary.

  1. Voting at the A.G.M or a Special General Meeting may be decided by the use of voting papers or by a show of hands, at the Chairman’s discretion. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  1. A special General Meeting may be called if necessary, by the Executive Committee or on requisition to the Hon Secretary in writing signed by not less than 10 Club Hon. Secretaries. Business at such a meeting shall be confined to the subject in the requisition. Quorum as per Rule 15(15 voting members).

  1. Written notice for General Meetings shall be given 21 days prior to the date of the meeting and shall be accompanied by one voting form per club and given to its representative to use at the said meeting.

  1. Alterations to the Constitution and Rules shall be made only at an A.G.M by the submission of a Notice of Motion; such notice to originate through

  1. A member of the Executive committee or

  2. The Hon Secretary of a member club.

The notice must be submitted at least 30 Days before the A.G.M.

  1. The Executive Committee of the League shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Hon Match Secretary, Juvenile Match Secretary and eight others as in (Rule 6) (The President, Chairman, Hon Secretary, and Hon Treasurer are ex officio members of all committees)

  1. A Quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of FIVE at least one of whom must be either the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer.

  1. In the event that all offices at the A.G.M are not filled the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill vacancies.

  1. The Executive Committee shall conduct the day to day business of the League and shall have the power to :

  1. Appoint sub-committees as necessary and determine the terms of reference of sub committees

  2. Allocate teams to Sections

  3. Arrange matches and dates

  4. To refuse entries without assigning any reason

  5. To act as arbitrator in all disputes

  6. To enforce rules

  7. To control all subsidiary Competitions and Tournaments and League Representative teams and matches

  1. A club entering for competitions must supply, in writing, when applying each season to enter the League, a list of players registered in order of merit to the Hon Match Secretary.

  2. In circumstances whereby a club is fielding 2 teams simultaneously a player cannot play for both teams.

  3. For Men this order of merit shall apply to both Men’s and Mixed doubles (except where rule 26 governing substitutions applies)

  4. For Ladies this order of merit shall apply only to Ladies doubles. In Mixed doubles, ladies shall play as directed by the captain of the team, provided that the mixed doubles pairings are in order of merit for Mixed doubles with the strongest pairing playing first mixed doubles and the weakest pairing fourth mixed (except where rule 26 governing substitutions applies.)

  5. A player may not play for a lower club team than that indicated by the order of merit.

  6. A player may play twice for a higher club team as indicated by the order of merit and may be re-registered after 31st December OR after the 1st round of league fixtures, whichever is the latter. The Knockout competition matches will not be counted within this rule.

  7. The order of merit may be amended or added to at any time during the season, but such changes will be subject to approval of the Hon Match Secretary and to SEVEN DAYS written notice being given.

  8. Where, in emergency, clubs are forced to play unregistered players, points won by that player or by any player affected by that player will be forfeit. The unregistered player shall be positioned as in rule 26 for substitute player.

  9. In the event of a team being unable to field a full complement of players, then that team must play those players available from Top > down in the match order i.e.. 2nd Gent/Ladies and 4th Mixed are the matches which must be forfeited.

  1. In all matches the Captains of the teams shall, prior to the commencement of play, exchange a list of players in order of play, which, once completed, cannot be amended except to correct an error.

  1. Matches should be played in the order of: - 2nd Gents, 2nd Ladies, 1st Gents, 1st Ladies, 4th Mixed, 3rd Mixed, 2nd Mixed, 1st Mixed.

  1. One point shall be awarded for each rubber (the best of 3 sets) making a total of 8 points for each match.

  1. A representative of the WINNING team shall, on the day following the match, send the result and full details of it on the appropriate forms to the League Hon. Match Secretary. In the case of a DRAW the HOME team are responsible for informing the Hon. Match Secretary. Teams not conforming to this rule shall be penalised 2 league points

  1. The Home team shall supply shuttles. Shuttles for Divisions 1 and 2 shall be feather shuttles which shall conform to the requirements of the International Badminton Federation. Divisions 3 and below shall use feather shuttles as above or Yonex Mavis 370 Synthetic Shuttlecock.

  1. To represent a club, a player must be a full playing member of that club. A club may make application to the committee to have any player who joins after the original list is sent in registered for the purpose of the Competition. Such players will not be eligible to play in the Competition for seven days after application.

  1. No player shall play for more than one club in the same competition in the same playing season unless by special approval in writing from the Executive Committee. Such approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances and must be obtained in advance of any action by the player.

  1. In the case of unavailability of normal members of club teams, players may be substituted from lower down the registration list. Such players may play either in the position of the unavailable player(s) or in a position below the registered players for the team provided teams play in order of merit as Rule 18b and c

  1. If more than one male or female substitute is played , the substitutes must be played in order of merit

  1. This league and all subsidiary competitions organised by the league is open to players of all grades.

  1. The winner of each section in the League Competition shall be the team that gains the most points (see rule 21 above). If there are two or more teams in the section who have an equal number of points, the winner shall be decided as per rule 35 (i.e. First: Sets won, Secondly: Points won. If this fails, then the ruling of the Executive Committee.

  1. All matches shall be played at a venue as directed by the League Committee. In the event of a Club being unable to play on the date arranged, seven days notice must be given of the change of date to their opponents and also the League Hon. Match Secretary. Should there be non-agreement on the re-arranged date the Hon Match Secretary shall determine a date by which the match shall be played.

  1. All matches shall commence by 7.00pm or, in exceptional circumstance such as non-availability of halls, at a time to be mutually agreed. Any team which is unable to field the appropriate pairing at this time may forfeit points, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  1. No club shall cancel a match within seven days of the agreed date without the express permission of the Hon. Match Secretary.

  1. Any club cancelling a match within seven days without the agreement of their opponents shall, except in extenuating circumstances, forfeit 2 points.

  1. All such cancelled matches shall be re-arranged within a date to be agreed with the Hon Match Secretary.

  1. In the event of a club failing to conform with rules 31a and 31c above, the Committee can sanction disqualification.

  1. The trophies for the Competitions shall be held by the winning teams till 1st march in the following season, when on notification to the Hon Secretary of the club holding the trophies, they shall at once be returned to the Hon. Secretary of the League.

  1. Any dispute arising between Clubs shall be referred to the Executive Committee. A protest must be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary of the League within seven days of the match. Such protest shall be accompanied by a sum of £5.00 which shall be forfeited should the Committee consider the subject of the dispute to be of a frivolous nature. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

  1. Matches played in the North Down Cup, Plate or Shield CANNOT be counted as League fixtures

  1. In the North Down Cup , Plate or Shields and in League Play-offs, in the event of rubbers shared (i.e. 4-4)

1st:- the match shall be decided on sets

2nd Should sets be tied the match shall be decided on point won.

3rd In the event a Winner cannot be determined they shall accept any other ruling of the Executive Committee.

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