North Down Badminton League

Dear Club Rep
As the Governing  Body of Badminton in Ulster, we strive to offer as many services to affiliated clubs and players as possible. This incoming season a major benefit of affiliating is that Ulster Badminton are prepared to offer shuttle sponsorship to all affiliated Leagues and Clubs. Please look at the attached Flyer for details.
We believe that this will be a great benefit for each affiliated player and club. As the club rep it would be appreciated if you could make this offer known to your club members, as an individual affiliated player can purchase these shuttles.

The process for handling this arrangement is as follows:


  1. Clubs or Leagues purchase shuttles via Emma Nesbitt in the Badminton Office (02892 668392)
  2. Total season's quantities to be given by the Leagues and Clubs at enquiry stage
  3. Maximum number of shuttles to be given out at any one time 75 dozen
  4. Shuttles to be paid for when clubs or leagues come to collect them or before
  5. Collection times to be agreed with Emma Nesbitt in the Badminton Office
  6. Cost £15 per dozen

Please let us know as soon as you can if you want to avail of this service.
If we can be of any further assistance to your or your club, please get in touch with the Badminton office and we will be happy to help.
Emma Nesbitt 
Ulster Badminton

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